Quick Facts

Quest For Excellence

At CKT our guiding business principle is “Quest For Excellence”. We belive through this quest we shall create all round value to our stakeholders. This guiding principle has different perspectives and dimensions which briefly elaborated below

Employee Excellence:


At CKT all employee are proud associates. Each of employees is carefully handpicked who choose not to live a life of ordinary. Each one of our associates reflects a sense excellence in their areas of work. Our employee’s excellence initiatives carefully build competency which balances their passion of work and business needs. At CKT our associates are seen as one FAMILY.

Customer Excellence :


Quest for excellence is embedded in service delivery. In delivery quest for excellence translates into constant endeavour, tireless effort and focus to provide seamless and all round delivery experience for customer. Delivery remains our principle theme in our journey for excellence.


At CKT our customer support is designed to provide value to our customer during and post engagement. Customer experience is deeply embedded in our business which impacts customer support. At CKT customer support function is termed as customer delight and are missioned to work for customer delight. Care – Transparency – Delight are our guiding factor in customer engagement.


At CKT Innovation is a constant endeavour. Our business is focused on bring innovations that works for the customer and employees. Innovations are seeded in every part of business in CKT.

About CKT

Who we are :

Cosmic knowledge Tech is professional training consulting company focused on providing training in professional certification courses and high impact business areas. We are driven by customer centricity, delivery excellence and Innovation.

What we stand for :

Our vision is to be preferred knowledge partner to our customers.Our objective is to provide training to professionals on key knowledge areas which shall bring about substantial impact to them, to their employer and to their customer.

What do we reflect to our customers :

We strive to deliver value for money and extend our relationship beyond agreement. Our research and development efforts enable us to drive thought leadership our area of professional interest.

How do we do it :

At CKT every relationship is valued relationship, and we strive to enable value to our customer and stakeholders. Our employee CKTians are driven by passion, focus and commitment. It is a resolute of CKTians not to live a life of ordinary and try to be the best we can. It is this resolution that drives us to provide customer delight.

Products :

  • These shall be delivered in the form of PPT/PDF/word.
  • These product are build by practicing subject matter expert and deigned to make you successful.
  • Also the product are updated on time to time basis to ensure they are relevant.
  • After you purchase the link to download the product shall send within 3 working days.
  • Any clarification recording products write to contact@cosmicknowledgetech.com

Services :

  • Training services are typically delivered through instructor let sessions or virtual session.
  • These service are delivered by subject matter expert/practicing professionals.
  • care is taken to improve the quality of the service on a ongoing basis.
  • The schedule,duration and venue for the delivery of the services shall be communicated to you by the sales team
  • Any clarification recording services write to contact@cosmicknowledgetech.com